It’s taken quite a long time to put together a seamless and productive  as well as inspiring work environment where you can feel in focus and creative without distractions.  My intention has always been to make the process non-obtrusive so that you as the artist can focus on the details that are important such as your performances and your creative output. I believe it is ideas that truly count .



The studio includes:

Amek/BIG by Langley 44 channel mixing console

Protools 96 i/o HD 24 x24

A beautiful 1920’s Steinway upright piano


Numerous vintage electric guitars including a 1972 Les Paul Goldtop, 1957 Les Paul Jr, 1968 Guild Starfire, Fender “Keith Richards” Telecaster(re-issue)


A large collection of beautiful sounding guitar amps including my personal favorite 60’s Gibsonn Skylark and Ampeg Gemini amps. For some serious volume I also have a very rare hand wired Fender Vibro King 3/10 amp . Pete Townsend uses them and he’s almost deaf!!!!

Many guitar pedals that are fairly rare such as a selection of Electro Harmonix, Danelectro and the now famous Wobulator pedal .


Several fine acoustic guitars including a 1928 Martin parlor guitar, Gibson Mini Hummingbird(Emmylou Harris signed model) , 1972 Guild 6 string and a vintage 4 string Duclimer made in South Carolina by a real old guy.



A wide selection of beautiful classic tube microphones including my personal favorites, a Neumann u-47 dating from the late 50’s and a pair of amazing Sony 3-37A tube mics dating from the early to mid 60’s.


Many classic analog keyboards including my somewhat ancient Roland JP-8 which miraculously still breathes inspiration. Also a very wonderful Conn rotating speaker organ with the most awe inspiring sounds you can imagine.


A big shelf full of every possible thing you can imagine to bang on and make a sound. Guiro anyone?




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