I am producer, musician, and audio engineer Malcolm Burn(that’s me there in the middle) with credits including hit Grammy award winning album Red Dirt Girl for Emmylou Harris, Chris Whitley, Bob Dylan and The Neville Brothers amongst many other musical achievements to my name. 

I’ve always been passionate about mentoring young aspiring artists and technical people in the same way that I was mentored as a young artist and music producer when given the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual.  

I have been performing and recording music independently since my youth. Over the years I have developed my own musical playing style and sonic identity as a producer. With a great deal of experience gained in informal settings I believe I can offer something new and relevant to young and aspiring artists. 

The aspect of recording in which I excel is working together with a group of musicians and bringing out unexpected talents of individuals in order to strengthen the creative results of the whole . By focusing on “golden moments” in the creative process that are often overlooked in the pursuit of more technical considerations I am able to realize a strong and original final product whilst taking musical “left turns” along the way. I’ve always believed that technical preparation is a large part of getting a magical recording, because when everything is ready to go, my attention is then fully available for the most important creative elements without the possible distractions of less vital factors.  

One of my primary interests is in integrating tried and true traditional recording techniques with modern technology and recording platforms.  I am passionate about sharing my experiences recording a live group of musicians and being able to record in many given situations when music is happening spontaneously.  I believe some of the techniques for recording live groups are being lost to new technology, but still have so much to give, particularly when used in concert with new generation technology which in fact allows ideas to be more fully realized than ever.  One of my favorite quotes is “In the old days man had to follow the machine, whereas now  machines can follow the man’ – Stephan Eicher(Recording Artist and musician)

Having worked with many established artists and record labels from major to independent to self owned I have developed a strong understanding of the artist/producer/business inter-relationship as well as understanding the marketing process beyond completion of a given project.  I began my own career in a band on a major label which helped me develop empathy for artists and musicians so that the technical process never overshadows the creative. 

In the past I have been responsible for setting up unorthodox studio environments in locations such as my own current studio La Maison Bleue as well as Clouet St. Studios and Daniel Lanois legendary Kingsway Studios in New Orleans LA.  In each of these studios I have recorded award winning albums that are not only technically innovative but creatively inspired.  I would love the opportunity to pass along some of this unique knowledge to a new generation.

My original background is in analog synthesis but over the years I have also gained wide recording and editing experience in digital recording formats developing mic, mixing and signal processing techniques working with ProTools, Radar , Reason and Ableton Live for recording and programming purposes. I am also well versed in a wide variety of mic and recording techniques which are usually tailored toward the particular task at hand.

Currently my studio utilizes up to date ProTools as well as 2″ tape as it’s primary recording formats with a variety of computer based platforms for sound creation such as Ableton Live, Arturia and Reason.


Malcolm Burn

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3 thoughts on “BACKGROUND”

  1. Hi Malcolm.
    I have always had great admiration and respect for your work – and have learned much through listening along the years.
    thought I would pass on my sentiments and thanks.
    perhaps someday, if passing through Kingston, I may be able to visit your studio.
    all my best,

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