These are a series of videos that I made for myself and Sandrine using the bare essentials. That’s all you really need in the end isn’t it? 




It may be a beautiful sunny blue sky above as you float upon the calm waters but down below…………………




Tic Tic Tock

A song about the passage of time and what we hope for as well as fear the most. The video was mostly shot using a Leica DLux 5 camera.  The song also utilizes a key change modulation. Generally a no go9 unless you’re Barry Manilow of course) but seemed to work this time very well.



You Were Young

This song was written after a visit to Tokyo, Japan. Most of the live footage was shot there using a “digital Harinezumi” camera.



Waiting For Real Love

This is a song I wrote for Sandrine. She had been complaining that I never seemed to write songs about anything to do with our relationship apart from the hard parts! So this was what I gave her for her birthday.


Slingshot Dream

We were travelling back from New Orleans up the eastern sea coast of the USA when we decided to stay the night in Ocean City MD. The next morning Sandrine dared me to go on this nutty ride with her.I didn’t really want to do it because I was like, if I’m going to die it’s gonna be for something special, you know like saving a child from a burning building or something like that. But she convinced me after we’d been  hanging out on the beach watching jets practice for an airshow. I thought” well if they can do that, surely a stupid ride should be easy” . After we got flung into the air Sandrine freaked. I spent the entire time trying to calm her down. Love eh?!

By the way this is a cover of one of my favorite Waylon Jennings records called “dreaming my dreams” written by Allen Reynolds, one Americas last true great living songwriters. ( well at least I think so)



This is a homemade visual I made for a song by Scott Walker (Engel) for a song entitled Duchess which is one of Sandrines favorite songs .

It’s one of those songs where the words and music just all fall together in such a perfect way and transport you.  I tried to make something visually that felt like the warmth of two humans connecting in a simple and loving way..



Love Hurts

This is a viddy shot by a fan at the Greenbelt Harvest Festival in Dundas Ontario, Canada of one of my prouder moments. I had the chance to sing a duet with Emmylou Harris .  I made sure not to mess that one up!


The Passion Of Love


Pure joy and jolly good fun

Walk Don’t Run

This was a while ago when I was an aspiring pool shark



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