In Memoriam. Thanks Gord.


Recording a new album now with Hanne Vasshus-A very exiting new artist from the Fjords of Norway







I’ve known this fine artist for some years and very pleased to be working together this March on a new project. Please check out the website for an idea of the music.



Congratulations boys!!!!!

Grammy nods to my favorite band. I was lucky enough to mix this one and it was a lot of fun too.




Iggy Pop “Wild America” 

Where it’s at baby…..


American cesar


Interview with Dan Whitley on his excellent new album “Calling All Gods”



New Album with Kevin Parent “Kanji”

Written in Montreal and recorded in Kingston NY. My good friend Mssr. Kevin Parent. A stunning revelation of life, loss, and relationships past and future.




Happy to be recording these talented artists this month.






Another good review for Dan Whitleys “Calling All Gods”




A lovely review of Dan Whitleys new record(available on Vinyl) “Calling All Gods”         f’in cool.




This is something that was recorded by myself along with Mark Howard and Dan Lanois in a house in Uptown New Orleans. Bob got the feeling and atmosphere of the place pretty well in this song.  There’s a whole chapter in his first book Chronicles dedicated to that period.  At the time I was quite fascinated with Leonard Cohens first record and in particular the feeling of things being very far off in the distance in a mix. Like a vague memory that you are not sure is real or just a dream.  When I was mixing this song that thought persisted throughout. I feel very lucky to have been working with Dan and Bob who allowed that concept to blossom.



And at the risk of revealing my source of inspiration. Memory is a fine definition of ones identity no matter how flawed that can often be.


Here’s something I mixed. Personally I do think it sounds pretty great. Not because I mixed it but because it’s just a great song really well recorded. The mixing was the easy part really.




A lovely mention in the  Sunday Times review of one of my favorite artists I’ve worked with, Astrid Williamson.




I was just thinking about this pleasurable recording experience I had with Giant Sand some time ago. I believe I passed the audition with them because I only played one note for half an hour when we first jammed together in Tucson. We went on to make what I still consider to be one of the most sonically adventurous records on the 90’s. At least from a certain perspective.




I had the pleasure of recording this band 7 years ago when they were still practically in diapers ( well they might disagree about the actual bottom wear). Now here we have them in full bloom as gifted artists carrying on the great traditional of well crafted songwriting and adventurous , innovative production. Well done lads!!!!! Interestingly some of the same characters that appeared on Glum are on this record too. It all goes around.




Past News: 


MALCOLM & SANDRINE SHOW. PEMBROKE ONTARIO(opening set with the Spoons)


This was a good gig. Sandrine and I played a set together using just to old analog keyboards, a beat box and some microphones.



This May/June I’ll be making a record with this uniquely talented and compelling songwriter from Australia named Marcus Blacke.  We’ll be mostly keeping it simple ( so the slogan goes) so that his voice and songs shine through but there is alot of room for some of that stuff that makes records sonically deep and repeatedly listenable.




The last weekend of August  Emmylou Harris and I will be doing a very informal performance of her beautiful song “Lost Unto This World”  along with a few other spirituals at the gates to Hart Island in the Bronx NY. We hope that we can help awareness of the island, its history and the hopeful plans to convert it to a public space or even perhaps have it registered as a National Historic Landmark given it’s historical status . Please have a look at this website to learn about such a vital yet virtually unknown aspect of the great city of New York.

The exact date is as yet to be announced.





I made a new record with Chris Whitleys brother Dan last year. It is really amazing (because Dan is a truly gifted talent) and something very special to hear. Here is a youtube link to one of the new tracks entitled “genius of the light” I certainly feel the spiritual aspect of Dans music is in his DNA.



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